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SpeakMD is a group of highly qualified physicians that understand the complex world of medicine can be overwhelming and confusing for patients struggling at their time of sickness and injury.  Our Mission is to provide patients with as much information as possible to empower them on their path to recovery.  We do this by translating patient’s own medical documents into language that every patient can understand so they can better navigate the healthcare system and improve their health.

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Sample Medical Translations

Sample Operative Note Translation Video

Your specific operative report will be translated for you privately and sent to you only.


Sample Explanation of Benefits Translation Video 

A Translated explanation of benefits can be used to dispute medical bills and catch errors.

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SpeakMD is, at its core, doctors helping patients.  Our physicians took an oath to help and protect patients.  We feel this is a way to get back to our original calling to medicine while protecting our patients from the complex healthcare system.  As more of medicine is shifted to patients managing their own healthcare, we are determined to help patients better understand the medical speak and confusing concepts associated with their health.

“I learned so much about what was done during my surgery.  The translation was easy to follow and understand. “

J.H. -Educated Patient

“After reading my translation, I was able to ask my doctor the right questions to stay on top of my care”

K.B. -Patient Taking Charge

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