Getting Started


  • Obtaining Your Documents
    • Need help knowing what to ask for? See our form letter template devised to help you ask your physician for your medical records. Don’t worry your medical records are your property!  On our obtaining medical records page is a form letter you can mail or drop off at your doctors office. Also most patients now have access to a patient portal that allows you to see and download your documents.  See our obtaining medical records page.
  • Editing Your Documents

We understand your medical records are personal to you.  We would ask that you edit your documents to remove any identifying information including: your name, location, hospital information and physician information. A simple black marker would suffice or if you want to get technical edit in pdf format.

This also ties in with the Health Insurance Portability and Acountability Act ( HIPPA).  We will never share your documents with outside entities, but we still ask that you edit your documents to remove identifying information.  Please see our template for any further information

-Template of redacted Document-

  • Submitting Your Documents

Submit your documents electronically in Word Document or PDF format. You can email your documents to or submit them by attaching the documents to your order on the checkout page.

  • Signing Disclosure Agreement

Please read and acknowledge the disclosure agreement.

  • Set Up Payment

Payment can be setup via Paypal, Credit Card or Check.   See our payment page here or email us at for further information.

  • Get Updates On Progress
    • Expect progress reports as we receive and translate your records.  We will notify you immediately of updates and a rough estimate of final translation will be given.