A doctors guide to getting the most out of your doctor appointments.


Tip #3

Make a list of your questions.

With the amount of patients a physician has to see during the day, the one thing you can count on is the visit will be shorter than you planned.  This is a frustrating fact for both doctors and patients.  As physicians, we would love to spend more time with our patients, but that often comes at the expense of long wait times and difficulty scheduling new appointments.

One of the best ways to make the most out of your doctors appointment  and to get answers to all your questions is to simply make a list! If you prepare the night before or even in the waiting room, you are going to make the most out of the short visit you have.

If you feel odd bringing in a list of questions,  Don’t worry, any caring, competent physician loves lists! A list of questions you want answered helps keep the appointment efficient and makes sure we avoid follow-up phone calls and that last-minute “oh by the way”.

A great time to make a list is in the waiting room, or in between doctor visits.  A running list on your phone in iPhone or google notes is an awesome way to write down spur of the moment questions or symptoms you have throughout the day.

So make a list and make the most out of your doctors visit!



Sample  doctor visit list :

  • why does it hurt when I (blank)?
  • could my medications cause (blank)?
  • what should I expect after surgery?
  • what does this abnormal lab result mean?
  • I have this other body part that is giving me a problem.
  • Is this swelling, color, drainage normal?
  • My wife/husband/mom/dad would like some info on my condition.

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